2016-2019 Strategic Plan

Friday, November 11

Women’s Advocates has launched a three-year strategic plan that builds on its role as a leader in the domestic violence field. The Board of Directors and staff of Women’s Advocates are committed to using the strategic plan to guide decision-making and measure successes. The board and staff envision a society free from violence where all individuals and families are safe and can live productive and healthy lives.

  1. Continue to provide and expand emergency shelter and related housing assistance for individuals and families who experience violence.
  1. Continue to deliver a continuum of programs and services that reflect best or promising practices in preventing and addressing domestic
  1. Increase community engagement and education.
  1. Fully deploy the expertise, connections and resources of the Board of Directors in achieving Women’s Advocates
  1. Ensure high quality partnership and volunteer opportunities that benefit both the volunteers, partners, and  Women’s
  1. Ensure that Women’s Advocates financial position sustains and advances excellence, growth, and innovation.
  1. Implement the Continuous Quality Improvement Plan to refine the organizations policies and procedures that support continued excellence.
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