Group Opportunities

To apply for a group volunteer experience, complete the Group Volunteer Application Form. To download the application, click here.

For questions or to submit downloaded application contact To submit volunteer application via mail, send to:

Women’s Advocates, Inc.
Attn: Tom Brinker – Volunteering
588 Grand Ave
St. Paul, MN 55102

Deep Clean Crew

Help with detailed cleaning projects in the common areas, bathrooms, and administrative areas of Women’s Advocates shelter. Daily cleaning takes place, but every once in a while we need to move furniture around, clean underneath things, dust way up high, and wash windows. If your group likes to roll your sleeves up to make a difference, then this is the perfect job for you!

Group size: 4-8 people.

Requirements: Can bend, stand, lift 25 pounds, reach for things.

Schedule: 2 hour project, 8-3 M-F.

Landscaping & Yard Work

Help make our yard look inviting, clean, and ready for the next season! Our front yards (of three houses) and back yard (of one house) have some established landscaping that needs seasonal attention from volunteers. If your group has an eye for landscaping and likes to break a sweat for a good cause, then this is the project for you!

Group size: 5-10 people.

Requirements: Can lift 20 pounds, bend, shovel, rake, and be active for 2 hours.

Items required: Landscaping tools (rakes, shovels, lawn bags, gloves, etc).

Schedule: 2 hour project, 8-3 M-F, seasonal.

Care Package Creators

Sometimes children are sick or feeling down, and they are spending the day in their room at the shelter as they recuperate. Most families arrive at the shelter without their belongings, and a day in your room without your stuff can get pretty boring. Children need care packages for those days, and groups like yours can collect items and assemble care packages to brighten their day!

Group size: 4-10 people.

Requirements: Good sense of what a child (of any age) would like for a sick-day care package.

Schedule: Anytime, can be done off-site.

Group must provide materials to go in the sick-day care packages

Children’s Activities Crew

The fun and learning should never stop at our Children’s Program! Help us to keep things lively for the children by putting on children’s activities (such as water activities in the summer, themed activities, etc) at our shelter.

Group size: 4-10 people.

Requirements: Good with children, well organized, yet has a “go with the flow” attitude, equipped with a fun activity for kids!

Schedule: Typically weekday daytime, when our drop-in childcare is open or when our shelter based events occur.

Meal Servers

Choose a meal you would like to prepare and serve to approx. 20 women & 30 children, bring the cooks, and we provide a clean, commercial kitchen, along with 50 appreciative diners!

Great for 4-6 people.

Requirements: Well organized, have a “go with the flow” attitude, familiar with safe food preparation requirements.

Items required: If your group would like to choose the meal served, a meal plan shared with our staff is required 2 weeks in advance. Specialty items which cost more than our budget allows must be funded or provided by the group. Furthermore, groups can bring their own groceries EXCEPT for meats and dairy, which Women’s Advocates staff will purchase based on your submitted menu.

Schedule Options:

  • Weekday or Weekend Dinner: Arrival typically by 2:30pm to prep, serve dinner at 4:30pm, clean up and depart by 5:30pm
  • Weekend Lunch: Arrival typically by 10am to prep, serve lunch at 11:30am, clean up and depart by 12:30pm

Donation Drive

Collect donations for Women’s Advocates! Throughout the year certain types of donated items are needed to help women and children on their journey towards safety. Collecting items or cash donations for Women’s Advocates can be a great way to get involved with the community and make a difference in someone’s life.

Typical donation drives are for diapers, target gift cards (which are used to take families shopping for children’s holiday gifts, personal undergarments, or other specified needs), financial donations for our programs, hygiene items, or new children’s winter wear. Depending on the interests of your group and the needs of Women’s Advocates, we decide together on what the best items to collect are. Folks have a blast doing these collections, and a delivery to the shelter results in a lot of appreciation, a few hugs from happy staff members, and a great memory to share with your group!

Please contact our Volunteer Coordinator, Tom ( or see our In-Kind Donation Wishlist if you need some ideas!

Call or email Tom for questions, more info, to share volunteer ideas, or to schedule your volunteer experience at or 651-726-5212!

Group Volunteer Eligibility & Requirements

All volunteers must:
-Be at least 18 years of age
-Sign in and sign out of our facility in our main office for every visit
-Wear a visitor badge during the entirety of each visit

Prior to volunteering, each group must complete:
-A Group Volunteer Application
-A scheduled volunteer orientation meeting with position supervisor or Volunteer Coordinator (at least one primary group contact must attend)
-A Department of Human Services (DHS) background check, provided by Women's Advocates, before their group visits (at least one member at each visit)
-A confidentiality agreement

Volunteers cannot:
-Have received Women's Advocates services in the last year
-Bring children under 18 years old with them to the shelter

Emergency Exit

588 Grand Avenue
Saint Paul, MN 55102

Admin: 651-227-9966

Crisis Line: 651-227-8284