Shelter & Healing

Shelter and Facilities

Women’s Advocates creates a path to healing and self-determination for individuals leaving abusive relationships. On average, Women’s Advocates provides secure emergency shelter and access to basic needs for up to 50 victim-survivors and their children daily.

When an individual or family arrives at our shelter, they have a safe place to stay while receiving on-site support to resolve immediate crises, health concerns, legal issues, economic problems, and improve their overall well-being.

How to Reach Us

Women’s Advocates’ shelter availability changes frequently. If you are in need of safety, call our 24/7 crisis line (651-227-8284) or begin a live chat with a crisis resource advocate here – our staff will be able to help and find you the resources you need. Even if you don’t meet Women’s Advocates’ shelter eligibility requirements below, call the crisis line for immediate assistance, resources, and referrals.

Sheila Wellstone Children’s Program

Our experienced and caring Children’s Program staff work in collaboration with Women’s Program team members to ensure both victim-survivors and their children have the tools to be safe and well both now and in the future. Learn More about our Children’s Program.