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Domestic Violence Presentations

Please note that we are based in Minnesota. If you are from another state, please search for state-specific domestic violence resources and trainings here.

To request a presentation, use our presentation request form here. If you have questions, call 651-726-5233.

Domestic Violence 101

Learn about signs of domestic violence, facts & figures about how this issue affects our community, and about the cycle of abuse.  This presentation can be modified to meet the learning needs of a particular group (i.e. younger students, professional caregivers, volunteers, etc.).

Women’s Advocates 101

Women’s Advocates is part of the legacy of protecting victims and survivors of domestic violence in our country.  Learn about how this organization was founded and its impact on our community since 1974.  Learn about how to become engaged in our mission and about each of our program’s impacts on the lives of women and children.

Dating Violence 101

Learn about the various forms of dating violence, risk factors, warning signs, and consequences. This presentation also provides participants with a chance to investigate potential biases against dating violence survivors and how to explore intervention and prevention strategies.

Engaging Boys & Men in Violence Prevention

Learn about male violence perpetration against women, as well as easy strategies to get men more interested and involved in violence prevention efforts by building on their strengths. The ultimate goal of this presentation is to help boys and men feel comfortable and involved in violence prevention roles without feeling blamed.

Healthy Relationships

Learn about how survivors may be negatively impacted by dating violence and how dating violence operates. This presentation focuses on ways to guide teenagers and young adults to learn strategies that can help them build healthier relationships with their intimate partners.

Human Trafficking 101

This presentation provides an overview of human trafficking and how survivors may be negatively impacted by trafficking trauma. Learn about the components of trafficking, how it operates, and explore warning signs that individuals may be victims of trafficking.

Stalking 101

This presentation covers the basic definition of stalking, detailed examples of stalking, the types of stalkers, warning signs, and contributing factors to stalking. Learn about the physical, emotional, sexual, financial, and social effects of stalking on victims, and how to protect yourself or a friend or loved one if you or they are being stalked.

LGBTQ+ Dating Violence

Learn how LGBTQ+ youth may be negatively impacted by dating violence, how their gender and sexual identities may be used against them by their abusers, and how victim service providers can value and empower LGBTQ+ survivors and collaborate with LGBTQ+ organizations to become more inclusive.

Sexual Violence 101

This presentation explores various forms of sexual violence, warning signs of sexual violence perpetrators, the negative impacts of sexual violence on victims, and prevention strategies. Learn about victim-blaming and dispel various sexual assault myths.

Digital Dating Violence

Learn about various forms of digital dating violence as carried out through social media and technology, ways that digital dating violence affects victims, and unhealthy digital behaviors in an intimate relationship. This presentation explores how technology and social media, with all their benefits and contributions to communication and connection, can also be used as a method of power and control.

Other presentations are available upon request.

Order Resources

Women’s Advocates provides materials for free to promote our Crisis Line and safety resources.

The following materials are available for order:

  • Crisis Line cards (they are business-card sized and promote the phone number and its available services)
    Safety Tips brochures (they are a tri-fold brochure that share ‘signs of domestic abuse’, ‘tips on how to stay safe’, and promote the Crisis Line)
  • Crisis Line flyers (these are a letter-sized glossy flyer that can be posted in a bulletin board area and promote the availability of the Crisis Line)
  • Crisis Line magnets (these are ideal for professionals who may encounter potential victims of domestic violence, and promote the Crisis Line)

To order free materials, call 651-726-5217.


Women’s Advocates’ outreach and education programming is supported by the Verizon Hope Line.

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