Advocate for Safety

You can help our community to be safer

Would you like to support women’s safety in our community?  Do you know others who would like to learn about domestic violence, healthy relationships, and how to advocate for victim-survivors’ safety?

  • Host a gathering in your home where we can present about the issues of domestic abuse and how we can get involved in creating a safer, more responsive community
  • Keep our crisis cards and safety resources at hand to share with anyone experiencing control or abuse in a relationship.

Women’s Advocates was the first shelter in the nation dedicated to victim-survivors and their children escaping domestic violence.  Today, one in three women are still directly affected by domestic violence.  Women’s Advocates offers shelter for up to 50 victim-survivors and their children daily, answers thousands of crisis calls annually, and educates thousands of students and community members about domestic violence.  We are available to talk about issues affecting women’s safety, knowing that media coverage and community updates help us greatly increase the community’s awareness of domestic violence.

We are available to speak about:

  • Recognizing the signs of domestic violence
  • The cycle of abuse
  • Financial, emotional, sexual/reproductive, physical, and cyber abuse
  • Stories of survival
  • The impact domestic violence has on a family
  • The impact domestic violence has on a community
  • Statistics on domestic violence
  • How to help prevent domestic violence
  • Getting help for someone who’s experiencing domestic violence.

Call 651-726-5217 or email if you’d like to speak with someone at Women’s Advocates.