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June 15, 2020

Inside Scoop: Rewarding Aspects of Working at Women’s Advocates

Inside Scoop: Getting to Know the First Domestic Violence Shelter. In this series, you will hear from the many different voices that encompass Women’s Advocates. You will be able to read direct quotes from our advocates to gain a deeper understanding of our shelter and about domestic violence advocacy. Learn more about the descriptions of the various advocates and team members by clicking here.

What is the most rewarding aspect of your position?

Mary Beth- Crisis and Resource Advocate

Seeing individual women, or women with their children, change from their first to last day in shelter. Most come in quiet, scared, and overwhelmed. It’s a pleasure and a privilege to give them the time, space, and support needed to start the healing process. The woman I say goodbye to on her last day in shelter is usually a confident, smiling woman who is actively looking forward to the rest of her life. Getting to witness that transformation is an honor.

Saran- Mental Health Therapist 

The moment survivors experience insightful awareness during the therapy sessions and walk away with less emotional stress and relational pain.

JoAnn- Director of Operations & HR

Anytime something I do makes life easier for our staff is rewarding to me.

Nisha- Housing Advocate

Definitely seeing someone leave from shelter into their own home.

Kelly- Children’s Advocate 

Meeting all the different families and learning something new – everyone has different and amazing talents ! Creating positive change and watching children transform from when they first arrive to when they move out.

Jill- Crisis and Resource Advocate 

I enjoy interacting with people, hearing a person’s story. Helping people. I always receive more than I give in terms of inspiration and exposure to different outlooks. 

Amy- Overnight Family Advocate

Seeing families move from a place of fear and uncertainty to knowing they are in a safe place to start re-building their lives.  Watching them thrive. 

Sam- Family Advocate

Watching people’s journeys. It would be naïve to say just watching people succeed (don’t get me wrong though, that’s a pretty awesome part) because life isn’t just succeeding. It’s so rewarding to watching the whole journey, successes, setbacks, how people navigate those setbacks, and that the residents allow me to be a part of that journey. I am especially grateful that residents trust me to be a part of their journey with us.

Brenisen- Education and Outreach Coordinator 

The most rewarding aspect of my position is being able to share such important information (warning signs of domestic violence, supportive resources, how to support a survivor, etc.) with the community who are all capable of cultivating such meaningful change and connection in the lives of the people they encounter. It is so powerful to have someone come up to me after a presentation and disclose that they are a survivor and they felt validated, believed, and seen by my presentation and they’re so grateful that I’m doing this work because that could mean that it could prevent someone from experiencing what they had experienced. 

Kay- Family Advocate

It’s rewarding to see residents become self-empowered and get excited about opportunities that they were previously unable to pursue when they were with abusive partners.

I also like to see kids be able to play and have fun because they know they’re in a safe environment. 

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