Women’s Advocates’ mission is to eliminate violence in the lives of women, children and families.


Women’s Advocates’ vision is a society free from violence where all individuals and families are safe and can live productive and healthy lives.

Core Values

Women’s Advocates’ core values are belonging, collaboration, compassion, data driven decision making, dignity and respect, excellence, and safety. These values infuse all practices and activities within our organization.

Strategic Plan

Women’s Advocates is implementing a three-year plan that will work towards a vision of a society where people are safe and can live productive and healthy lives.  We are working towards the following goals through 2019:

  • Provide and expand emergency shelter and related housing assistance for people who experience domestic violence
  • Deliver a continuum of services that reflect best practices in addressing domestic violence
  • Deploy the expertise, connections and resources of the Board of Directors in achieving our mission
  • Implement the Continuous Quality Improvement Plan to refine policies and procedures that support continued excellence
  • Increase community engagement and education
  • Ensure high quality partnerships and volunteer opportunities that benefit the volunteers, partners, and Women’s Advocates