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July 20, 2020

Inside Scoop: How Women’s Advocates is Unique

Inside Scoop: Getting to Know the First Domestic Violence Shelter. In this series, you will hear from the many different voices that encompass Women’s Advocates. You will be able to read direct quotes from our advocates to gain a deeper understanding of our shelter and about domestic violence advocacy. Learn more about the descriptions of the various advocates and team members by clicking here.

What is unique about working at Women’s Advocates?

There are numerous organizations in Minnesota and across the world that are doing incredible work to contribute to break the cycle and end domestic violence. But each organization has its own unique qualities and a number of our team members shared what makes Women’s Advocates standout from their perspective.

Mary Beth- Crisis and Resource Advocate

It is truly exciting to be working at the first-ever domestic violence shelter. In a lot of ways, our building is the epicenter of the domestic violence movement- Women’s Advocates is where it all began. When I come into work, I feel connected to an unbroken chain of women who cared enough about their community to take action.

Saran- Mental Health Therapist 

Working for the first shelter in the nation with a profound captivating history is what makes WA unique. Also, I feel the collective collaboration between programs and support staff is an integral part of WA’s future growth, prosperity, and uniqueness.

JoAnn- Director of Operations & HR

I believe that our commitment to our staff is unique.  We strive to have equitable pay, good benefits, and an inclusive and equitable work environment.  This is a work in progress, and it is important work that has stayed in the forefront even when other emergencies come up.  I feel lucky to work for an organization that doesn’t backburner this work, but truly sees it as a critical priority.

Nisha- Housing Advocate

This is one of the most diverse teams I have been on in a while and I love it!

Kelly- Children’s Advocate

I think they do a great job supporting the families we serve and we have an amazing staff that not only supports them but each other. We do a lot of work in the community and have an amazing staff that does a great job fundraising – They also provide trainings enrichment for staff. 

Jill- Crisis and Resource Advocate 

Women’s Advocates is a clean well-maintained facility with a dynamic, hardworking, compassionate staff.

Amy- Overnight Family Advocate 

Our openness about our facility and our commitment to community outreach.  When I started here, I was taken aback by the fact that we shared our location and even allowed occasional tours. It was different from what I had seen in other places where everything was secret and hidden.   

Sam- Family Advocate

I get to get a vast array of experiences (e.g. working with adults and young people, doing case management and crisis calls) and get to continue building new skill sets and improving on the ones I already have. The team here has such a large amount of knowledge and experience, so I continue to learn every time I come in. There’s also an environment where I get to fail in safe ways. No one is going to let me do something that would be a big mistake, but I get to make smaller ones and know that it’s normal to make them, but we work through them after the fact and make sure I learn different things I could do next time a similar situation pops up; the potential for personal and professional growth is always there.

Brenisen- Education and Outreach Coordinator 

Something that I find unique about working at Women’s Advocates is the people. At every level, every person cares so deeply about their job. Everyone seems to be fueled with passion and dedication, even when the days are long and challenging. I turn to many of my coworkers for inspiration and motivation, and they often are more than happy to support me as a whole person. It is a very welcoming work atmosphere that makes me extremely proud to work there.

Kay- Family Advocate

Women’s Advocates was the first Domestic Violence shelter in the nation. It’s really inspiring to be a part of that legacy and build on it to better serve victim/survivors in 2020.

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