401K/IRA Charitable Rollover

Beginning at age 70½ you must withdraw a certain amount of money from your 401K or Individual Retirement Account (IRA). This is called a Required Minimum Distribution. With a traditional IRA, your contributions were not taxed. Required Minimum Distributions are taxed.

But there is a way to lower your taxes on the RMD and also help Women’s Advocates. You can take some or all of your RMD and donate it directly to a charity through a 401K/IRA Charitable Rollover. A 401K/IRA charitable rollover is a way you can help continue our work and benefit this year.


To make a donation to Women’s Advocates through a Charitable Rollover, contact your 401K/IRA administrator and make a request.

To discuss your 401K/IRA Charitable Rollover gift, or inform us of a gift you have already made, please contact Jacob Hustedt, Director of Development & Communications, at 612-638-7518 or jhustedt@wadvocates.org.


Organization Tax Information

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