Legacy Giving


List Women’s Advocates in your will/trust or retirement plan assets. You can list a specific dollar amount, an item, a percentage of your estate, or the remaining balance of your estate.

Insurance Beneficiary Designation

Easy and tax-beneficial, you can include Women’s Advocates in your estate plan by listing Women’s Advocates as a beneficiary in a life insurance policy, your retirement account, mutual funds or brokerage account. Simply fill out a form that is entirely separate from your will. Not only is it an easy way to give, but it’s also flexible. You aren’t locked into the choices you make today – you can review and adjust beneficiary designations at any time. Please contact and confirm plans with your insurance agent or financial/legal planner/adviser to learn which assets will or will not trigger taxable income when paid to a beneficiary.


To discuss your legacy gift, or inform us of a gift you have already designated, please contact Jacob Hustedt, Director of Development & Communications, at 612-638-7518 or jhustedt@wadvocates.org. Please be sure to seek the advice of your financial or legal advisor through this process.


Organization Tax Information

Legal Name: Women’s Advocates, Inc.

Federal Tax ID: 23-7310701