Lean On Me!

Support youth on their healing journey.

Each year, over 50 young people enroll in the Sheila Wellstone Children’s Program at Women’s Advocates. These youth are the leaders of tomorrow. They are creative. They are passionate. They are resilient. What they need is support from mentors and a community that rises up in the face of domestic violence to say, “Lean on me,” while walking with them towards brighter and safer futures. Women’s Advocates needs to raise $250,000 to provide a welcoming space for youth ages 4 to 17 to heal from the trauma of domestic violence. Please donate today.

Your donation will provide:

  • Full-time children & youth advocacy services for over 50 youth each year
  • Groups on healthy relationships, boundaries, and coping with trauma for kids ages 4 to 17
  • Black male role models for BIPOC youth in crisis
  • Connections to support through school, mentorship, and other community resources

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