Safety After Shelter

Aftercare Services for Families

Aftercare Services are available to women and women with children exiting the shelter. Former residents are able to work with a Housing and Aftercare Advocate to continue navigating legal systems, housing challenges, employment searches, and targeted community support for a year after they leave.

The Housing and Aftercare Advocate visits women and children in their new homes once they have left the shelter and provides resources and support to ensure they are able to remain independent and safe.

What is the Aftercare Program?

Information on Rental Subsidies

Aftercare services, paired with rental subsidies, are available for up to 10 families at a time who have recently left Women’s Advocates shelter.

Households facing barriers to identifying affordable housing may access up to two years of rental subsidies and supportive services after they leave our shelter.

This program is made possible by a grant from the Greater Twin Cities United Way.

Our Aftercare Program has built relationships with area landlords and seven community housing programs. Participants work with their new landlords to advocate for a safe and dignified rental unit and a clearly worded, understandable lease.  This partnership has been effective in stopping eviction processes while allowing more leases to be extended.  Through creative planning, partnerships with other service providers, and perseverance, our one staff member in this program has helped nearly 80 families over the past three years stay in their homes. Financial assistance through this program has allowed healing families to pursue education goals, become financially stable, and live free from violence. Partial rent subsidies have provided some of our participants the ability to restructure debts, thus improving their credit ratings.  Participants have had the time needed to achieve stability and avoid returning to potentially dangerous situations due to financial vulnerability. Aftercare has become a reliable avenue for women with children to have access to a continuum of care as they maintain a life free from violence that is stable and predictable.