Items Needed

Alternative Shelter Program

Below is a list of items needed for victim-survivors participating in our Alternative Shelter Program, which provides safe housing for folx who may not feel comfortable in a traditional emergency shelter including those from the LGBTQIA2S+ community, men, people with disabilities, and others who may require specialized support.

For this program, we are asking for new or gently used items based on current needs. To support our Alternative Shelter Program by donating items, please email

All in-kind donations must be pre-approved after emailing or we cannot accept them.

Items needed:

  • Kitchen items: 2 microwaves, toaster, folding table and chairs, silverware sets, dish sets, pots, pans
  • Bathroom items: New bath towels, new shower curtain and shower curtain hooks, new unopened personal care items (shampoo, conditioner, body wash, soap, razors, deodorant, Q-tips)
  • Bedroom items: Twin size waterproof mattress covers, laundry basket, laundry hamper, standing floor lamps
  • General items: Vacuum, folding table, side table, coffee table, dressers

Shelter & Housing Stability Program

Below is a list of items needed to support victim-survivors and their children in our emergency shelter and housing stability program. We are asking for new items based on current needs and storage availability. To support victim-survivors in our community by donating items, please email

All in-kind donations must be pre-approved after emailing or we cannot accept them.

Items needed:

  • New leggings in adult sizes (check out our Amazon List!)
  • Adult size backpacks
  • Blankets: Twin size comforters, blankets, and sheets; pillow cases, throws, baby blankets, and fleece blankets
  • Culturally specific hair care products: Brushes, jam combs, hair grease, hair lotions, shampoos, conditioners, and hair scarves, wraps, or bonnets
  • Cleaning items: All purpose cleaner, broom & dustpan, Clorox wipes, tall garbage bags, garbage cans, paper towels, sponges
  • Laundry items: Unscented dryer sheets, unscented laundry soap, hangers, laundry hampers
  • Kitchen items: Dish soap, bowls, cups, plates, oven mitt sets, silverware, skillet sets
  • Bathroom items: Towels, wash cloths, hand towels, shower curtain liner, shower curtain hooks, toilet paper, Dove body wash & bars of soap
  • Craft items: Tape, holiday cut outs and decorations, construction paper, mason jars, solar fairy lights, tag or foam board, old magazines, washable crayons, markers, adult coloring books, journals
  • Children’s items: Floor play mat for babies, multicultural dolls, baby toys (0-36m), play kitchen food/dishes, farm animals, sea animals, Hot Wheels cars, Barbies, Barbie furniture
  • General items: Baby monitors, air mattresses, Kleenex, first aid kits, storage bins (18 gallon totes), ear buds and noise cancelling headphones

Women’s Advocates does not accept donations of used items like clothing, cribs, highchairs, car seats, breast pumps, other infant/toddler items, and opened personal care items.

Amazon Wish List

For other items that are essential to victim-survivors and their children, we have an ongoing Amazon Wish List.

Gift Cards

Throughout the year, we are in need of gift cards to Walmart, Five Below, casual restaurants, local gas stations, local movie theaters, and local grocery stores to support the immediate needs of the families living in our shelter or participating in our Housing Stability program.


Interested in making a monetary donation? Donate today.