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Online Mini Video Series

Dating Violence 4-Part Series

Before watching Part 1 please take this quick online pre-assessment to let us know what your current knowledge of dating violence is by clicking here.

  • Part 1: What is dating violence? This is the first of four videos in the Women’s Advocates Dating Violence Mini Video Series. This video discusses what dating violence is, who can experience it, and 6 different forms of violence.
    • Watch the 3-minute video by clicking here.
  • Part 2: What are the warning signs of dating violence? This video discusses eight different warning signs to look out for in a dating relationship that may indicate it is unhealthy or abusive.
    • Watch the 3-minute video by clicking here.
  • Part 3: What are the long term impacts of dating violence? This video discusses the long term impacts that dating violence can have on someone including physical impacts, psychological, social, and economic.
    • Watch the 3-minute video by clicking here.
  • Part 4: What to do next?/Resources This video discusses some next steps including how to support a friend or family member who may be experiencing dating violence as well as some resources in the community.
    • Watch the 3-minute video by clicking here.

After watching all four videos, please take this quick online POST-assessment to let us know what you learned by clicking here.

Here are the resources mentioned in the videos: 

Single Topic Presentations

  • Domestic Violence – 60 minutes
    • Learn about what domestic violence is and facts & figures about how this issue affects our community
    • Discuss the intersection of family violence and intimate partner violence
    • Learn about the cycle of abuse and the various forms of violence and examples of each
    • Gain an understanding of how to access community resources
  • Women’s Advocates 101 – 45 minutes
    • Learn about the history and legacy of Women’s Advocates as one of the first domestic violence shelters in the nation
    • Learn about available volunteer opportunities
    • Learn how to further support Women’s Advocates work to create and identify affordable and accessible housing opportunities for survivors of domestic violence
    • Explore the progression of the women’s safety movement over time and get connected to other local organizations
  • Next Steps – 45 minutes
    • Discuss safety planning and how to utilize provided resources
    • Students will learn how to intervene in unhealthy relationships (discuss bystander intervention and social norms)
    • Walk-away with resources (tri-fold pamphlet, quizzes, etc) that can help oneself or a peer who may need help
  • Other presentations are available upon request.

Multiple Topic “Hybrid” Presentations

4-in-1 Presentation for Schools (95 minutes):

  1. Dating violence
  2. Digital violence
  3. Healthy relationships 101
  4. Next steps

Hybrid Description:

  • Learn the definitions of dating and digital violence, who it affects and different ways it is displayed
  • Understand the eight different warning signs of a potentially unhealthy or abusive relationship/partner
  • Gain an understanding of what makes up a healthy or abusive relationship (includes a conversation about consent)
  • Discuss bystander intervention, social norms, safety planning, and how to utilize resources
  • Walk-away with resources that can help oneself or someone else who may need help

School-Specific Resources