Training Topics

Please note that we are based in Minnesota. If you are from another state, please search for state-specific domestic violence resources and trainings here.

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  • Introduction to Domestic Violence – 60 minutes
    • This presentation can be adapted for customer service businesses (e.g. salons, restaurants), HR/corporate/business organizations (e.g. wealth management), healthcare organizations (e.g. Women’s Clinics, veterinarian clinics, dental clinics, nurses), criminal justice organizations (e.g. legal advocates, attorneys, DOC), housing groups, and other groups (e.g. social justice, philanthropic, faith-based, etc.).
      • Learn about what domestic violence is and facts & figures about how this issue affects our community
      • Discuss the intersection of family violence and intimate partner violence
      • Learn about the cycle of abuse and the various forms of violence and examples of each
      • Gain an understanding of how to best support individuals experiencing domestic violence
  • Introduction to Women’s Advocates  – 45 minutes
    • Learn about the history and legacy of Women’s Advocates as one of the first domestic violence shelters in the nation
    • Learn about available volunteer opportunities
    • Learn how to further support Women’s Advocates work to create and identify affordable and accessible housing opportunities for survivors of domestic violence
    • Explore the progression of the women’s safety movement over time and get connected to other local organizations
  • Homelessness and Domestic Violence – 90 minutes
    • Discuss the interconnectedness of domestic violence and housing instability
    • Learn tatistics and prevalence of DV, definition of DV, different forms of DV
    • Learn housing specific warning signs, ways to help a tenant/client and housing safety measures 
    • Know about resources available in the community and how to refer people to them
      • Click here to view housing specific resources/handouts/info sheets.
  • Children and Domestic Violence – 60-75 minutes
    • Discuss the impact of domestic violence on children
    • Developmental based warning signs of domestic violence
    • How to support children who have experienced/been exposed to domestic violence
  • Practical Next Steps – 45 minutes
    • This presentation is ideal for people who have a solid foundation regarding what domestic violence is, but want to expand beyond that and learn more practical skills and resources to help those who may be experiencing domestic violence.
      • Discuss safety planning and how to utilize provided resources
      • Students will learn how to intervene in unhealthy relationships (discuss bystander intervention and social norms)
      • Walk-away with resources (tri-fold pamphlet, quizzes, etc) that can help oneself or a peer who may need help
  • 4-in-1 Hybrid-School Specific Presentation – 95 minutes (can be split between two sessions or days)
    • This presentation combines the topics of dating/domestic violence, digital violence, healthy relationships, and next steps. This is ideal for middle school and high school students/classrooms.
      • Learn the definitions of dating and digital violence, who it affects and different ways it is displayed
      • Understand the eight different warning signs of a potentially unhealthy or abusive relationship/partner
      • Gain an understanding of what makes up a healthy or abusive relationship (includes a conversation about consent)
      • Discuss bystander intervention, social norms, safety planning, and how to utilize resources
      • Walk-away with resources that can help oneself or someone else who may need help
      • Learn more about our school offerings and school-specific resources/handouts here.
  • Other presentations are available upon request.

Check out local community organizations for other presentation topics: