Training Topics

Please note that we are based in Minnesota. If you are from another state, please search for state-specific domestic violence resources and trainings here.

To request a presentation in the Twin Cities, MN area, use our presentation request form here or email our Education and Outreach Coordinator at If you have questions, call 651-726-5233.

If you are not a school, we require a donation for each presentation requested.

  • Domestic Violence (Youth Specific) – 60 minutes
    • Learn about what domestic violence is and facts & figures about how this issue affects our community
    • Discuss the intersection of family violence and intimate partner violence
    • Learn about the cycle of abuse and the various forms of violence and examples of each
    • Gain an understanding of how to best support individuals experiencing domestic violence
  • Women’s Advocates 101 – 45 minutes
    • Learn about the history and legacy of Women’s Advocates as one of the first domestic violence shelters in the nation
    • Learn about available volunteer opportunities
    • Learn how to further support Women’s Advocates work to create and identify affordable and accessible housing opportunities for survivors of domestic violence
    • Explore the progression of the women’s safety movement over time and get connected to other local organizations
  • Healthy Relationships 101
    • Understand that relationships exist on a spectrum (healthy, unhealthy, and abusive)
    • Gain an understanding of the six components of what makes up a healthy relationship (includes a conversation about consent)
    • Learn more about healthy communication styles
    • Explore how different communication patterns can affect the outcome of a conflict
  • Digital Abuse 
    • Learn the definition of digital violence 
    • Discuss real-life digital abuse cases and examine the warning signs  
    • Tech Safety Tips
    • Discuss what one can do if they are a victim of digital violence (abuse)
  • Next Steps 
    • Discuss safety planning and how to utilize provided resources
    • Students will learn how to intervene in unhealthy relationships (discuss bystander intervention and social norms)
    • Walk-away with resources (tri-fold pamphlet, quizzes, etc) that can help oneself or a peer who may need help
  • Domestic Violence 101
  • Homelessness and Domestic Violence
  • Children and Domestic Violence
  • Other presentations are available upon request.

Check out local community organizations for other presentation topics: